What happens when you eat gold

Gold is chemically inert, meaning it won’t break down during digestion. E-175 is a designation given by the European Food Safety Administration when using metal as an additive or food coloring. The FDA does not have guidelines for gold consumption in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control does not designate gold as poison. The… Continue reading What happens when you eat gold

Beginners guide to gilding OLD

This guide is meant to give a basic overview of the gilding process for a beginner that is just starting out learning to gild. Gilding with water-based adhesives should not be confused with traditional “water gilded” methods. Water-based methods produce a punishable gilded surface and will be the subject of a later guide. Water-based size… Continue reading Beginners guide to gilding OLD

Best mixed media sketchbooks

Having a mixed media sketchbook to hand is essential to me. If the moment strikes where I want to switch media I have a dedicated multimedia sketchbook I use – the change in textures, and finishes throughout my mixed media sketchbook feel like real life. Ever changeable and full of diverse challenges and delights! If… Continue reading Best mixed media sketchbooks

Best watercolor sketchbook

Having a sketchbook for watercolor painting on hand feels like a must for me. A little light watercolor painting in a sketchbook can help while away an afternoon anytime, anywhere. I’ve had my fair share of watercolor sketchbooks, many have stood the test of watercolors – and others haven’t faired so well! I’ll be sharing… Continue reading Best watercolor sketchbook